Who is this course for?

As a member of a multidisciplinary team, I'm sure you've witnessed the detrimental impact of behaviours of concern including social isolation, poor participation outcomes and carer distress.

You will likely have seen examples of behaviour plans failing to achieve successful outcomes.

You may have also observed the application of practices that violated the person's human rights.

If you ever thought there must be better ways, you were right!

Therapeutic behaviour support starts with a detailed functional behaviour assessment.

This course has been developed for all team members working with people who display behaviours of concern / challenging behaviour, particularly behaviour support practitioners, psychologists, and occupational therapists.

The information in this course can be applied to challenging behaviours / behaviours of concern arising from all conditions that affect the brain.

On completion of the course a certificate for three hours professional development will be issued.

Functional Behaviour Assessment:

A Team Approach

A Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA) is a process of building an understanding of the person and their behaviour in a range of everyday contexts. 

It takes a team to develop a deep understanding of the complex situations that arise when challenging behaviours are present.

It also takes a team to use this information to inform the development of a comprehensive and therapeutic behaviour plan.

Hence this course will be of value to allied health professionals, particularly behaviour support practitioners & occupational therapists.

You will learn the practical steps & lots of clinical tips for undertaking a structured assessment of behaviour including formal assessment; data collection tools; analysis of the function of behaviour; identification of prosocial behaviours & strengths; auditing current practices; neuro-behavioural links; & macrosystemic factors.

A comprehensive functional behaviour assessment results in the development of a therapeutic plan that -

  • is tailored to the individuals strengths, weaknesses and specific needs
  • involves the support network and results in a shared commitment to implementation of the plan
  • addresses the range and complexity of issues underlying the challenging behaviour

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"Loved the course, Sue! Complex ideas and process distilled in a clear, practical manner. Great integration of theory and practice and the case study helped reinforce key points covered in session. Walked away with new approaches and scripts to try when working with staff to develop FBA. Took away lots of gems!"

Belinda, Occupational Therapist and Behaviour Support Practitioner

"As an OT, I found the course informative and affirming. It's great to understand in more detail the purpose and implementation of the FBA and my potential contribution to this process when working alongside Behaviour Support Practitioners"

Melissa, Occupational Therapist

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Cost of three hour course

Sue Sloan

I’ve spent four decades working as an occupational therapist / clinical neuropsychologist / behaviour support practitioner with thousands of people who display challenging behaviour.

I've learnt that the greatest success in managing challenging situations comes when the team works together, starting with building a detailed understanding of the person, and their behaviour within the context of their everyday lives and participation goals.

The goal of this course, is to share what I’ve learnt so you can further your understanding and build practical skills in assessing behaviour.

With this knowledge you will be better equipped to create therapeutic plans that enable your clients to live their best possible lives.